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New releases available!


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We just released updates for JReviews, GeoMaps, PaidListings and UserProfiles. While the JReviews release has the most improvements and bug fixes, we fixed some minor bugs for the mentioned add-ons.


The JReviews update has a lot of fixes for the Advanced Filtering functionality and also a few improvements related to the Advanced Filtering, but also in other areas.

  • We changed the way the category filter works in Advanced Filtering, with and without auto-detect enabled, to show a better list of category options depending on the type of page and previous category selections.
  • We introduced context-awareness for filter options so only options used in the current directory, listing type or category will be shown for each field. At this time the options do not update as you use different filters and it's also not possible to show listing counts for each option, but we believe this is an important improvement nonetheless.
  • On the administration side, the Fields Manager will now show related listing information for each field so it's easier to figure out which fields have been setup with relations.
  • The layout for checkboxes and radiobuttons in forms will now be nicely formatted for each field into columns using widest option to set the column length.
  • PaidListings plan information is now available in the admin listings browse page.

You can read the complete list of changes for JReviews and the add-ons in the changelog.


If your upgrades are active you can upgrade via the remote updater and you can also download the latest version of JReviews from the client area.

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