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Advanced filtering improvements, default options and more!


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We are happy to announce the release of updates for JReviews, GeoMaps and PaidListings. We've added several new features and I want to make sure that you are aware of them so you can start using them right away.


New in Advanced Filtering


If you haven't heard, there's a new Advanced Filtering functionality in the JReviews core and it's already one of the most popular features we've rolled out in a while. It has a lot of customization options and in this update we've added a few more.


Show all/show less toggle for long lists


Limit the number of options that is initially shown for a custom field. A "show all" link is added to the bottom of the list allowing the user to display all options. You can enable it for individual custom field filters using the "show_all" attribute and the "show_limit" attribute to set the number of options that will be shown at first.




Disable filter preview


By default filter selections/text is appears in a preview area under the filter label and is also shown when the filter panel is closed. Now you can disable the preview feature using the "preview" attribute.




Clear individual filters


Add a "Clear" link to individual filters to reset the selected options using the new "reset" filter attribute.




Clear all filters


There's a new [reset] shortcode that can be used to add a "Clear all" link or button anywhere in the filtering form. The shortcode allows the use of the "label" and "display_as" attributes. The latter allows you to convert the link to a button using display_as="button". A new setting is also available in the module/widget to display the master reset link at the top, but the reset shortcode provides more customization options.




Multiple Filtering Module/Widgets


In addition to the existing attributes to show or hide filters based on the current directory, category and listing type, we made several improvements to be able to deal with multiple instances of the Filtering Module / Widget. The Module/widget will now be automatically hidden in the advanced search page. This makes it possible to create many different Advanced Filtering Module / Widgets for different purposes and only the one used to perform a search will be shown in the search results.


Make sure you check the Advanced Filtering documentation for a comprehensive list of all features.



New in Custom Fields


Default options


It is now possible to select one or more default options for select/radio and checkbox custom fields. The default option(s) will be used when creating new listings and reviews.




Description for individual field options (SEO)


A new "description" input has been added to field options to offer better customization of click2search pages for SEO. This description can be used to override the global description in the Field SEO Manager and lets you have a different description for each option.




New in Fields Module/Widget


There's a new setting that allows you to limit the number of options initially shown in the Module/Widget output when using any of the layout options other than select list.


Mobile Rating Selector


In the previous update we introduced the new slider rating selector and made it the default for mobile devices without the possibility of changing it. Many users asked how they could change it back to stars so we now added a separate mobile rating selector setting.


GeoMaps and PaidListings changes


The add-on updates are mostly to address bug fixes in earlier versions. For GeoMaps in particular, Google recently made some changes to it's Google Maps API which affected maps in JReviews sites making them appear oversized and overflowing their container on the page. If you haven't checked your site in a while you may be suffering from this problem so we recommend that you update to the latest version of the add-don as soon as possible.


The update has many other improvements and bug fixes and you can read the changelog to see a complete list of changes.

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