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iReview updates available, with new manuals


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A couple of days ago we made new versions of the iReview 3 Joomla template and iReview WordPress theme available for download in the client area.


What's new

In addition to many improvements and bug fixes, it is now possible to assign a background image to individual page wrappers and enable fixed scrolling for the background image (parallax effect). Here is an example of a background image added to the header wrapper:




We also added new settings to choose the breakpoint for showing the slideout menu and it is possible to choose on which side to show the menu button.

All 3rd party scripts that iReview includes have been updated to the latest versions.

A full list of changes and list of modified files are available in the changelog.


New manuals

Updated manuals are finally available for both Joomla and WordPress version of iReview:

Download iReview for Joomla Manual:  pdf | epub

Download iReview for WordPress Manual:  pdf | epub


Upgrading iReview for Joomla
If you made any code customizations, backup the /templates/ireview3 folder. Then go to the Joomla Extensions Manager and install the new version of the template using a .zip package that you downloaded from the Client Area.
Upgrading iReview for WordPress
If you made any code customizations, backup the /wp-content/themes/ireview-wp folder. Then download the latest ireview-wp.zip package from the Client Area, extract it and replace the existing /wp-content/themes/ireview-wp folder on your server (overwrite existing theme files).
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