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New Advanced Filtering included with the latest JReviews update


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We just released JReviews (updated with and are very excited to let you know because it includes a brand new Advanced Filtering Joomla Module and WordPress Widget. The new advanced filtering, not only looks great on desktop and mobile devices, but it's also easily customizable and fast. It can work without page reloads using ajax to update the page, just like the ajax pagination feature we released in early October. Below you can see an example of what the Advanced Filtering looks like:
If you want to see the module in action head over to our JReviews demo site where you can find it in the left sidebar. Navigate to specific directories and categories to see how the filters change.

To see what this looks like on a real site I've got a great example to show you. NewYorkBikesForSale.com did an outstanding job customizing the JReviews themes and integrating the new filtering module. You can find it on the Browse Bikes and Find a Shop pages. Please keep in mind they have done their own customizations and we have published the links with their permission.


Learn more about the new advanced filtering functionality in the documentation.
We've also made several CSS and design improvements in the latest update, the most important one being the addition of new settings to set the style and color of the rating stars, either globally or by listing type. You can now choose between three different star styles (star with square, star, bar) and four colors (green, orange, red, blue) and there are separate settings for editor and user ratings. The listing detail pages now also have a larger rating size in the header for improved visibility.

One of the other notable CSS improvements was to the styling of the date picker widget.  You can see what it looks like now in the image below:
We also changed the styling of buttons by removing gradients and making them slightly less rounded.
Learn more about the new rating star settings in the documentation.
In addition to adding more options for the rating stars, we've also implemented a slider rating selector for the review form. The slider will use the same color chosen for the stars and it will be the default selector shown on mobile devices to provide a better user experience.
Other additions to this update include:
  • Tooltips for field descriptions in the listing output (not the form which already exists). It can be setup per field and the tooltip appears when the user moves the mouse over the field title.
  • A new Joomla K2 Plugin to easily add reviews to K2 articles when using the Everywhere Add-on. It's no longer necessary to modify K2 templates to add the integration code. You can find it in the download package.
  • New EasySocial apps for compatibility with EasySocial 2.0.
This release also includes other changes and bug fixes. You can find the complete list of changes in the changelog. We are also releasing updates for GeoMaps, UserProfiles, PaidListings, WidgetFactory and the Import Add-on for bug fixes and compatibility with the latest JReviews version.
If your upgrades active your can get this version right now via remote updates in the JReviews admin or as a download from the client area. Make sure you backup your site before the update or if you have a lot of customizations consider updating your development site first so you can bring your customized files up to date.
We hope you enjoy the new features in this update!
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Added the NewYorkBikesforSale example
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