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Pagination without page reloads released!


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As announced last week we had been working on implementing pagination without page reloads and had made very good progress. Pagination without page reloads is implemented via ajax and reduces page loading times and bandwidth usage because instead of serving the entire page back to the user, with all the template assets (javascript, css, images) and modules, only the main component area is requested and updated.


Many of you wanted this feature earlier so we finalized it and it's available right now as an update via the remote updater and also in the client area.


You can take a look at what this feature does directly on our demo sites. In the links below, just click on the page numbers or select a different ordering or layout. You'll see that instead of having the entire page load again, only the component area is updated, but also the URL changes. 


Joomla - Hotels category

WordPress - Hotels category


The feature works on most paginated lists and there is no impact on SEO because all links on the page remain the same. This means search engines will continue to find those links to index and follow them.


The feature is optional and disabled by default. To start using it you need to go to Configuration / Theme & Navigation and switch on "Enable ajax pagination".


If you use GeoMaps, MyLists or ListingResources add-ons it is important that you also update them for compatibility with this new feature.


In addition to this new feature, there are several bug fixes and some improvements for ListingResources and MyLists. Make sure to read the changelog for a complete list.




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