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JReviews SEF Plugin update - Joomla version only


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It looks like we continue having problems with the JReviews SEF plugin related to router changes in Joomla. There are many factors to consider when fixing this like Joomla version, whether the language filter plugin is used and also the actual pages. We found out earlier that URLs without menus were causing problems, fixed that and reverted one of the previous fixes in the process  :-\


So we thought about using a different approach to this issue so we don't force everyone that is not currently affected to update until we have a definitive fix. I am attaching an update just for the SEF Plugin. To use the update just install it normally using the Joomla installer.


Issues we are trying to solve on Joomla 3.6.1 and above related to this:

  • Homepage menus appearing in URLs without Itemid. It should be possible to get rid of all URLs without menus IDs if you use the JReviews catch-all menu types. However, you have some of these on your site that start with the "jreviews/" segment, or the string you used directly in the JReviews SEF Plugin settings.
  • 404 errors on when using the language filter plugin together with JReviews SEF
  • Incorrect URLs generated when using the language filter plugin

If you find an issue on your site that you think may be related to the SEF Plugin, feel free to submit a ticket so we can take a look. If we make any additional changes to the plugin we'll post an updated package here.

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