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JReviews released, brings Compatibility with Joomla 3.6.2


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This is a small maintenance release to fix a few reported bugs. It also adds compatibility with Joomla 3.6.2.


Several clients using the JReviews SEF plugin reported issues of 404 pages or incorrect URLs after upgrading to Joomla 3.6.2. We sent a patch to those users and worked with them to fix any additional issues related to this problem which seems to affect mostly those using the Joomla language filter plugin.


We also added a couple of enhancements to the JReviews dashboard. Now you'll see your upgrades expiration right there instead of having to log into the client area. It's also possible to clear the local key with a single click from the dashboard which is useful for those purchasing add-ons or renewing updates because it's no longer necessary to go the license screen to perform this action.


Finally, there's a change with regards to the usage of upgrades which should have little impact for most clients, but it's something we feel the need to communicate upfront. Upgrades have always been tied to a specific license, and it was expected that if a client wanted to use the latest version of JReviews with one his licenses he would renew the upgrades for that license. This was expected, but not enforced. However, starting today this will be strictly enforced and the JReviews admin will be disabled if the version of JReviews you install on your site was released after the date in which your upgrades expired. To be clear, only the JReviews admin will be disabled and JReviews front-end will continue to work normally. In order to re-gain access to JReviews admin, it will be necessary to renew the upgrades for that license or downgrade to a version released on or before the upgrades expiration.


Remote upgrades for this version are available right now and we'll be making it available for download shortly.


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