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Updates released for GeoMaps and Import Add-ons


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Today we are releasing minor updates for both add-ons to fix some reported bugs.


Import Add-on


#Fixed: Added import compatibility with FormBuilder custom field.




!Changed: Automatically disable browser geolocation in Google Chrome versions 50 or above when the site is not using SSL because Google deprecated this feature in Chrome for insecure connections.

!Changed: Programmatically disable theme debug for the payload request to allow the map data to load even when theme debug is enabled.
!Changed: The "optional" wording for the Google Maps API browser and server key settings was removed because Google is disabling/restricting features unless the key is included.
#Fixed: Added the browser API key to the static map request URL because on some sites the static map doesn't load unless the key is used.
#Fixed: Theme suffix doesn't work for the /elements/map-json.thtml theme file.
#Fixed: Address autofill feature not using the right street address format (name and number) as provided by Google.
You can update the add-ons from within the JReviews administration if your support & upgrades are up to date.
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