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One new field with infinite possibilities!


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Introducing the new FormBuilder Custom Field for JReviews!


Now you can easily add business hours, recipes, restaurant menus, inventory tables, and more to your JReviews listings!




Today we are introducing the new FormBuilder Custom Field as a core feature in JReviews. This field allows you to create an entire form within a custom field with a touch of super powers! What super powers you ask?


  • Repeatable inputs: Inside the FormBuilder custom field, any input or group of inputs can be setup so that with the click of a button a new copy is made in the form. Not only that but groups of inputs inside another group can also be repeated which adds endless possibilities. For example, with a restaurant menu, it's possible to setup a form with a main section and dishes inside. The main section can be repeated, and also the dishes within each section.

  • Quick re-ordering: Whenever an input or group of inputs is repeated, you will see up/down arrows appear next to each copy. I am sure you've been through this before. You start adding a bunch of data only to realize you missed something and don't want to start over. This feature conveniently prevents this painful situation.

  • Customizable output: Flexible data entry is not complete without flexible output, so each FormBuilder field has its own custom theme allowing you to build the layout you want. The themes can be built using the PHP editor inside the field settings, or using a separate theme file.

That's right! With one new custom field, your site has instantly gained an infinite number of possibilities!


To quickly get you started, the FormBuilder field ships with several pre-defined forms and themes: Business Hours, Restaurant Menu, Recipe, Inventory and Computer Specifications. These provide a good set of examples which are ready to use and of course you can also build your own.


Below you can see images of the form and the field output for the Business Hours, Recipe, and Restaurant Menu examples that you get out-of-the-box and can start using right away.


Business Hours










Restaurant Menu





This amazing new custom field is available right now and it's included with JReviews! You can upgrade from the JReviews administration or download the package from the Client Area. If your upgrades expired this would be a great time to renew after you log in to the Client Area.


The FormBuilder custom field makes use of PHP functions available only on PHP 5.4 and above. Before you install this version, check your server settings to ensure that you meet this requirement.



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