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New Import Add-on released!


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The Import Add-on is now available for purchase!


These are the key features:

  • Ajax-driven and memory efficient for improved performance with large imports.
  • IMPORT and EXPORT functionality for JReviews Listings.
  • Easily upload your CSV files and download reports for completed imports and export jobs.
  • FILTERS can be setup for EXPORTS to limit the result set.
  • IMPORTS can be used to CREATE and UPDATE listings.
  • PHOTOS can be added when importing listings. The photos can be located on your site or an external site.
  • Embedded VIDEOS from supported sources (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) can be added when importing listings by including the video URL.
  • CUSTOM FIELD options will be automatically created when creating or updating listings.
  • CUSTOM FIELD RELATIONS for field options will be automatically created when specifying the control field name. So for example a City can automatically be imported as a child option of a specific State.
  • IMPORT and EXPORT PROFILES can be saved and re-used to improve usability and save time.


  • The add-on requires at least PHP 5.5, so please make sure you meet this requirement before purchase.
  • The add-on requires JReviews 2.7.4.x
  • The CSV Import Component has been discontinued and will no longer be developed. If you purchased it you can continue to use it for as long as you want.



  • The add-on is priced at $69 and updates for the add-on will be included with JReviews like they are for other add-ons. That means that as long as you have an active upgrades package for JReviews, you will have access to future versions of the add-on as well.
  • If you purchased a CSV Import Component license you can get a credit for the add-on:
    • If your CSV license has active support & upgrades, the credit towards the purchase of a new Import Add-on license is for $35
    • If your CSV license has expired support & upgrades, the credit towards the purchase of a new Import Add-on license is for $17


  • If you quality for the credit submit a ticket to request the credit and let us know the JReviews license for which you wish to order the add-on and we'll generate the order for you with the discount applied.
  • If you don't qualify for a credit or wish to purchase the add-on for more than one license you can do it directly from the Client Area. Find your license, check theAdd-on name and then proceed to the cart to checkout.

The offer to receive a credit expires at the end of March. We'll be sending the same information via email to everyone that is subscribed to receive notifications in the Client Area.

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