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FWDMenu Sleuth Plugin released!


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We are very excited about the release of this little gem! Over the years as we provide support to clients one of the things we've found that takes up a lot of time is when a client has a problem with a specific page, but they don't provide the menu information, which many times is necessary to find the problem. As you know, finding a menu in Joomla can be a headache because you can't search for menus globally! 


Enter FWDMenu SleuthThe plugin adds a topbar, visible to administrators only, to every front-end page identifying the menu and it’s location. Additionally, two buttons are shown. One to directly edit the menu in the administration, and the other to quickly view the menu parameters right on the page.


The plugin will be very useful for anyone building or managing a Joomla-based website. Download the plugin now.


Let us know what you think!


The plugin has been developed by us, the developers of JReviews!

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