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Updates released for JReviews and add-ons


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We are pleased to announce the very first updates for 2016! We have updates for JReviews, GeoMaps, PaidListings, UserProfiles and Quick2Cart Add-ons. These are mostly maintenance updates, but as usual we've tried to include some new features and improvements.


First I would like to emphasize that the complete list of changes can be found in the changelogs. Not only that, but for quite some time we've been publishing the list of modified files for each product directly within the changelogs. This is useful for those having to update their customizations in overrides. You can cross-check against your modified files so you don't need to check every one of your files in overrides.


For example, if you select JReviews from the changelogs page you'll see that there's a button to view the modified files.


The updates are available right now for everyone with active support & upgrades. You can download JReviews from the Client Area and also update JReviews and add-ons directly via remote updates from the JReviews administration.


So I hope that's useful to everyone and with that out of the way, let me highlight some of the most important changes below and you can read the changelogs for a list of all changes.



  • We've added AutoTweet support for photos. One tweet per photo. Unfortunately there wasn't a simple way to combine multiple photo uploads into a single tweet.
  • There's a new "Exclude Directories" setting available in most List Page menus (top rated, most reviewed, etc.) as well as in modules for Joomla and widgets for WordPress. This makes it easier to set these up when you just want to exclude something instead of having to constantly update them if you need to specifically include certain directories or categories. It works great with UserProfiles because you can exclude the entire UserProfiles directory in one go. This setting extends to add-ons as well.
  • We've also improve the existing menu and module/widget settings for Category IDs, Directory IDs and Listing Type IDs. No more searching for those pesky IDs! Now you'll get a nice dropdown list to select your filters. For Joomla we had to develop a new system plugin we called JReviews Module Parameters so that when you edit any modules created before the upgrade the old comma list format of the setting will be automatically converted and you won't lose your settings. The plugin is installed and published by default on upgrade. The improvement extends to add-ons as well.
  • For those using Amazon S3 storage we replaced the Amazon S3 library we use with the official one released by Amazon in order to be able to support buckets in regions other than the US. This also required us to create a new setting in the Storage tab of Media Settings to configure bucket the region which by default is set to us-east-1. This should work fine for more clients, but it's important that if you use S3 storage you confirm the region for your buckets and update the setting.


  • We added a new Static map cover setting as an override to the Listing Type settings in JReviews.


  • New login, logout and register redirect URLs settings in the configuration which work in the add-on's signup page.
  • New setting to hide the "Submissions" section of the account management page.


  • When a listing is submitted in a Quick2Cart-enabled category, a new post-submit message instructs the user to use the "Edit Product" button to finish setting up the product details to activate the Buy Button.


  • There were several bug fixes for the add-on.
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