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Reviews a EasySocial Group, and Link it with a JReviews Listing


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Hello everybody !


Like many people, I also really want my visitors can review for EasySocial Groups with JReviews.

It is a request often mentioned on this forum.

Ideally I would also like EasySocial this group is attached to a JReviews listing.



A company, a product, a event, a movie, a restaurant (…) referenced on JReviews automatically have an EasySocial Group linked.

So a customer community, spectator, consumer could exchange through tailored tools : EasySocial Groups. Share blog posts and files, initiate discussions, do polling, etc.

I think JReviews is perfect for organizing, stucturer elements.

EasySocial Groups is perfect to offer to a community a complete communication space.

If the two were combined, it would be wonderful ! :)



Concretely, when a user add a new listing in JReviews, a plugin would create a EasySocial Group. Both would be automatically linked.

The description, the avatar image and the cover photo could be the same as those that were sent at the time of submission of the listing JReviews.


It also requires making Everywhere add-on compatible to EasySocial group to show stars and rating tool.

Of course, users can always rate the group since the listing JReviews.



In JReviews listing, it would be interesting to view content generated from EasySocial groups (recent discussions, recent blog articles, etc.).

There are already modules provided by Stackideas for this. (See 2/2 pictures)



I think the difficulty will be to automate the creation of a group EasySocial JReviews when a listing is added. 

Unfortunately I'm not a developer, but it seems there is a track here : /components/com_easysocial/controllers/groups.php



For you can better understand what I imagine, I realized visual simulations. Please see in attachments.



1/2 - A JReview Listing with its EasySocial Group Modules



1/2 - Zoom



2/2 - An EasySocial Group with its JReviews Rating Tool



2-2 - Zoom



Images in high-resolution :



Furthermore, a EasySocial Event also deserves to be incorporated into JReviews :)


I realize that JReviews Team can not develop all. It depends also to Stackideas developers.

This project requires working together.


That is why I asked also the question on the Stackideas forum.


Thank you to kindly consider the matter.

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