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Limited support schedule starting this Friday December 18th


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It is that time of the year when we need to take a little break and spend time with our friends and families. For this reason we'll be working less hours starting this Friday until the beginning of the second week of January. 
We will continue answering posts and tickets, but not as quickly and some issues may need to be put on hold until we resume our full time schedule next year.
2015 was quite a year!
  • We spent the first quarter of the year completing the process to migrate to the new jreviews.com domain which required completely re-building the site, deploying a brand new forum system and developing a new order system from scratch to replace the one we had purchased from another vendor in 2006! This has allowed us to roll out new features more quickly and improve the overall experience.
  • We released several new products:  MyLists, UserProfiles and the new WordPress iReview Theme, which I must admit is pretty amazing :)
  • We completely overhauled the GeoMaps add-on with automatic updates of markers in the GeoMaps module, a new map view page, a sidebar feature for the module and map view, and many other improvements.
  • Last, but not least we released over 15 version updates of JReviews! Wow. That's a huge list of new features and improvements in addition to bug fixes. Despite the incredible amount of work required to do this, we remained as active as usual providing support to all clients.
At the beginning of the year, Kristian and I sat together to plan the main objectives for the year and I am quite happy to say that we were able to meet most of them. The only goal not met, which is a big one, was the Mobile App for JReviews. We made a lot of progress in the first half towards building the API that is required for the mobile App to connect to retrieve and update the site, but the site migration took a lot of time and then we were overwhelmed by support and the other tasks the 2nd half of the year. 
So top priority beginning of 2016 is to finalize the API and the mobile App.

Best wishes to everyone and Happy Holidays! 
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