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Upcoming change to delayed support & upgrades renewals


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We want to let you know in advance of an important change that we are making to delayed support & upgrades renewals. Until now you have been able to renew your support & upgrades at any point in time after expiration at the amazing discount of 50% off the standard price for an entire year. The same great deal will continue going forward, but only if you renew your support & upgrades before expiration.


We would like to remind you that if you have purchased any add-ons for your license, the upgrades for purchased add-ons will remain free, as long as your JReviews license upgrades is active. This will not be changing regardless of when you renew.


The exact details and new pricing for delayed renewals will be forthcoming in an email several days before the change goes into effect, but if you have any license with expired support & upgrades now it's a good time to renew so you can take advantage of the lower renewal price regardless of when your upgrades expired.

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