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JReviews 2.7 and several add-on updates released


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We've been very hard at work for several weeks and today we are very happy to announce the release of JReviews 2.7 and updates for several of the add-ons. The most important one being for GeoMaps which is a complete re-write.


We'll be making separate posts for some of the most important additions, but below you can read the highlights of the new releases.



  • New social-style, modern header is now available for JReviews listings. You can choose the header cover and logo or alternatively show the listing owner avatar in place of the logo. When uploading or editing media for a listing you can choose the cover and logo. Make sure you change your photo upload settings to increase the Original Resize dimensions so covers can render in their optimal size. The default now is 1500x1500.
  • Simple to use wysiwyg editor for textarea custom fields and review comments to make it easier for users to format their entries. It's disabled by default and you can find a setting for individual textarea custom fields and in Configuration/Standard Fields tab for comments.
  • Major under-the-hood re-factoring of code to make the reduce the lines of code and make the code more re-usable. We started with listings and search code and will continue refactoring in future updates. We took this step in order to re-use the search functionality in the new GeoMaps add-on.
  • Complete re-write for background loading of map data to allow dynamic updates to the map as it is moved and zoomed and to improve performance with a lot of markers.
  • New mapview menu allows for a standalone display of the map, with a sidebar and adv. filtering. The module also has the same features.
  • The module can now mimic the listing search results with autodetect enabled.
  • Optimized for mobile and small devices.
  • Updated the detail_profile.thtml theme file to add support for the new listings header.
  • The profile preview now also displays with mouseover the user's name in addition to the avatar.


  • New link in the mylists dropdown to view all public lists from other users that contain the current listing.
  • Improved mobile experience by switching to a dialog instead of dropdown in small devices.


There are also minor bug fixes for PaidListings and Quick2Cart add-ons. Read the complete changelog for more details.


The upgrades are available now from within the JReviews administration for clients with active upgrades. If you let your upgrades expire  you can renew directly from the Client Area.


Important: Due to the number of changes, if you have a lot of customizations we recommend upgrading a test site first so you can bring your customized files up to date. We've also eliminated some files from the mobile theme in this update so you should manually remove them if you are using remote updates or upgrading over the existing JReviews installing. The files are located in /jreviews/views/themes/mobile/listings/detail*.thtml

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