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JReviews released with new Calendar Module!


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We are very excited to announce the release of this new JReviews update. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, we've also created a brand new Calendar Module.



The new Calendar Module is responsive so it displays well on all screen sizes and it uses Ajax to lookup and display events for a specific date without re-loading the page.


The module has many configuration options. You can specify the start and optionally end date custom field names. As well as display start and end dates. It's also possible to customize the display of the listings just like the Listings Module.


Some other important additions in this update:

  • We added the ability to override certain language strings per listing type with special focus on the listings form. If you have a listing type for movies and one for games you can customize the input titles to make them more relevant like "Game title" and "Movie title". There's a new Language Overrides tab in the Listing Types page.
  • New Links setting for the Listings, Reviews and Media modules so you can add up to three custom links to be displayed in any of the corners of the module output.
  • The WordPress version of JReviews now also offers support for synching the main photo with the WordPress Featured Image. This allows any 3rd party plugin or widget to be able to automatically pick up the photo from the JReviews Listing. The new setting can be found in Media Settings and will be disabled by default on existing installs. Once enabled images will be synched when the listing page is first visited.
  • New account creation on submissions now also validates the emails to prevent duplicates.


The update is available right now for clients with active support & upgrades. You can update using the remote install & updates in JReviews or download the package from the client area. The new JReviews Calendar Module will be automatically installed during the upgrade.


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