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YouTube linking affected due to deprecation of YouTube Data API (v2)


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On March 4, 2015 YouTube officially deprecated the YouTube Data API (v2). This means that all applications making requests to this version of the API will no longer work correctly. Knowing this was coming we released an update of JReviews on February 23rd with updated code to make it compatible with the YouTube Data API (v3). 


The minimum version required for compatibility with YouTube linking is JReviews v2.6.3.1. This is the entry from the changelog:


+New: Updated the YouTube API to V3 for video linking to get around usage limits imposed on V2 which has now been deprecated. It is necessary to get a key at https://code.google.com/apis/consoleand add it to the Media Settings, Videos tab.



To get things working again you need to enable the YouTube Data API v3 in the Google Developers Console and then add your key in the JReviews Media Settings / Videos tab.


You can find a tutorial for enabling the data API and grabbing a key here:



You only need the YouTube Data API v3 for JReviews video linking.


You can test if your key is working by using the URL below in your browser and replacing _API_KEY_ at the end with your API key:

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