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JReviews released. Faster and better!


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We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of JReviews to all clients with up to date support and upgrades. This update can be installed via remote updates in the JReviews administration if you are on any previous 2.6.x version. It can also be downloaded from the Client Area.


This version ships with several bug fixes, but most importantly it is substantially faster and has some very nice new features and improvements. Below the highlights.


New features

  • Click2Search and Click2Add for review custom fields. Click2Search filters reviews within the same listing.
  • Front-end list layout options so visitors can switch the layout of list pages. Admins define up to three layouts with custom suffixes and can also customize the icons shown in the front-end.
  • Twitter hashtag setting allows automatically appending a hashtag to auto-tweets. It can be set globally and per Listing Type.
  • Review page title, meta keywords and meta description override settings in Listing Type SEO Manager which can use several listing and review tags for dynamic replacement on review detail pages.
  • Implemented EasySocial privacy rule for all JReviews activities so members can set their own privacy setting.  It's necessary to scan for new privacy rules and edit/re-save Profile Types in the EasySocial admin.


  • Database query changes resulting in significant performance improvements, especially on sites with high traffic and with many listings and categories.
  • JReviews SEF Plugin now offers a new option in the 'JReviews Page Assignment' tab in modules to hide them in Review Discussion pages.
  • JReviews SEF Plugin now has a new setting 'Review discussion segment' to allow customizing the URL alias used for the review discussion page.
  • 'listing order' setting for related listing custom fields so lookup values can be sorted by most recent or alphabetically.
  • Media Setting to allow admins to switch the file upload protocol to PUT instead of POST which offers better performance for large uploads. Previously we made PUT the default, but this broke uploads for servers that don't implement the PUT protocol. A button to test for PUT compatibility is included with the new setting.
  • New Reviews Module/Widget setting allows changing the links from the listing detail page to the review discussion page.
  • Automatically generate noindex,follow robots meta tag in thin content/no value pages. Used by default in all empty lists (listings, reviews, discussions) and in media upload pages.
  • Included the twitter:creator meta tag for Twitter Cards for summary_large_image, photo, gallery types. New 'Twitter Username Listing Custom Field' setting in Configuration/Community.
  • The Advanced Search Module theme setting no recognizes the {user_rating}, {editor_rating} and the {radius} tag. Custom distances can be specified using the {radius options=10,20,30} format. 

We've also released minor updates for most add-ons. Make sure you check our Changelogs page for more details about all the changes in the new releases.

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