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New Add-on transforms JReviews for Joomla into an e-commerce powerhouse


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Introducing the Quick2Cart E-Commerce Add-on for JReviews. A seamless way to integrate with the Quick2Cart component from Techjoomla.


With Quick2Cart, Techjoomla has created a highly versatile e-commerce platform with important features like stock management, digital downloads, coupons, a multi-vendor system and comprehensive shipping and taxation functionality. Quick2Cart also offers support for a large number of payment gateways. For a complete list of Quick2Cart features please check the Quick2Cart product page.


We have taken advantage of Quick2Cart's integration API to build what we believe is the nicest CCK integration to date. Below are the most imporant highlights of these integration:


* Choose which listing types to enabled for e-commerce.

* Easily synchronize values for Price and SKU fields between Quick2cart and JReviews.

* Create a Marketplace allowing site members to sell their own products.

* Sell physical and digital products.

* Display the Buy button in detail and list pages.

* Quickly access the 'Edit Product' form in list and detail pages to fill out e-commerce specific fields.

* Display a nicely formatted list of free and paid downloads directly on the product pages.


The new JReviews Quick2Cart Add-on is available for JReviews 2.5 for Joomla starting today at an introductory price of $10. If you want to purchase the Add-on for an existing license you can do it directly from the Client Area on our website.


Learn more about the Quick2Cart Add-on


The Quick2Cart component from Techjoomla is what powers all the e-commerce features so you also need to purchase the component from their website in order to be able to use the add-on.

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