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Updates released for JReviews 2.4 & 2.5, GeoMaps, PaidListings and WidgetFactory


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It's been a few weeks since our last round of updates and we've been hard at work fixing bugs and making improvements to existing code and features. As usual you need an active Support & Upgrades package to be able to update to the latest versions. Right now it's only possible to upgrade remotely, but we'll be uploading the download packages to the client area in the next couple of days.


Lets start with the JReviews 2.4 release. As was previously announced, the end of life of 2.4 is nearing, end of December 2014, but we intend to continue fixing bugs until the time comes. The 2.4 updates, including one for PaidListings, are all about fixing bugs. You can find the changelogs here:






For JReviews 2.5 we have a substantial number of bug fixes as a well as some improvements for PaidListings, GeoMaps and the WidgetFactory. The updates are available for both Joomla & WordPress. We would like to highlight a few of them:


* It is now possible to disable the 'powered by' link via settings instead of having to create an override. You'll find the setting in the Configuration, General tab under the Theme Settings header.


* Re-factored the code so thumbnails for community activities are generated with an internal request instead of CURL as this was the #1 cause for issues with broken thumbnails in activity streams.


* Replaced the FB Send button with the newer and more complete FB Share button. For JFBC users we also found a workaround to always force the buttons to render regardless of the JFBConnect setting to 'always parse buttons' which is disabled by default and was breaking JReviews buttons.


* For PaidListings users, there are substantial improvements to post-submit actions related to paid listings. Previously it was not possible to make posts to Facebook, Twitter or the activity stream of community extensions for paid listings. It was also not possible to award points for paid listing submissions. We've improved all of that now so all of these actions work also for paid listings and they also work with moderated listings. The notable exception is for Facebook posts which continue to work only with un-moderated listings, but it does work with paid listings now.


* For GeoMaps users, we have added a new Geolocation button inside the proximity search address input in the advanced search module, the adv. search page and in the get directions widget in detail pages. Site visitors can now quickly fill out their position using this button which makes use of HTML5's geolocation features.


* For WidgetFactory users, we've added the ability to remove the width and height settings from the widget generator by adding a server side checkbox setting to them. We've also added new custom where and custom order advanced filters for the listings/many widget type.


There's a lot more fixes and improvements. You can read more about them in our changelogs:









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