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JReviews 2.5? Where did that come from?


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It looks like our release announcement for JReviews 2.5 got buried under the news of the JReviews for WordPress announcement and many of you are wondering how you missed the JReviews 2.5 release and what's different about it from JReviews 2.4.


If you scroll down in our JReviews for WordPress announcement you'll find information about the JReviews 2.5 release, but we'll try to summarize it here as well.


* JReviews 2.5 is the result of several months of work that enabled us make JReviews available for Joomla and WordPress without significant differences in the code. This was very important to us to be able to roll out new features to both platforms at the same time and also to simplify the maintenance and support of JReviews.


* The bulk of the code changes went into creating an interface layer to abstract JReviews from each platform and the interface itself is part of the S2Framework. There isn't a performance impact due to these changes, because we had already envisioned supporting multiple platforms when we first started working on JReviews. We just needed to do a lot of code cleanup and abstraction in both the framework and the app itself.


* In JReviews 2.5 all JReviews javascript and css files now ship combined and minimized to limit the number of http requests on the page. This doesn't include 3rd party asset files like jQuery and jQuery plugins. We've added separate settings for javascript and css so you can toggle the way the assets are loaded.


* JReviews 2.4 theme files should continue to work in JReviews 2.5, but we do recommend that you always try to keep your customized theme files up to date as we are always tweaking them to fix bugs, make enhancements or improve layout issues.


If you are upgrading to JReviews 2.5 please read the instructions in the documentation




There isn't a remote update option from JReviews 2.4 to JReviews 2.5 because the code would fail in the middle of the upgrade due to the large number of code changes.



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