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WordPress, here we come!


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We are very excited to announce the release of JReviews 2.5 for Joomla and now also for WordPress! It's the same amazing product with all the great features you've come to love and now you can purchase it for WordPress as well. Right off the bat we've also made all existing Joomla modules available as WordPress Widgets. We are also releasing GeoMaps and the WidgetFactory Add-ons for WordPress. Others may come later depending on demand.


This release coincides with the 8th year anniversary of JReviews. Which also means we are bringing 8 years of experience and development of one of the most comprehensive review systems out there to the WordPress platform.


JReviews for WordPress integrates with WordPress categories and posts and we've created a very easy to use menu system that plugs in directly into WordPress pages. JReviews for WordPress integrates with BuddyPress, the most popular community plugin for Wordpress so that JReviews activities appear in the BuddyPress stream and BuddyPress profile avatars and links appear in listings and reviews.


It's been a very long road, but we are glad to have finally made it. We started thinking about this a while back. In July of last year we made our first localhost installation of WordPress to see if this would be something we could do. By August we had figured out some of the inner workings of WordPress and were able to make the JReviews review form appear and work in WordPress posts. After that we knew we could make this happen. We didn't work on it for months and then picked up development again earlier this year.


One of the most important things we did was abstract the JReviews code as much as possible from the Joomla and WordPress platforms. This means that going forward it is easier to maintain and new features are available for both platforms simultaneously. For JReviews 2.5 we've refactored a lot of the code to separate the application from the platform and we are very happy with the results because we managed to limit theme file changes to a very minimum.


We'll continue developing JReviews for both Joomla and WordPress. JReviews 2.5 will remain in beta as we fix all the glitches, but it's available for purchase right now. If you are an existing JReviews for Joomla customer and have active support & upgrades you can download JReviews 2.5 for Joomla from the client area. JReviews 2.5 for WordPress is a separate purchase and requires a different license.


Of course we couldn't help ourselves and decided to add another @performance improvement to JReviews 2.5. All JReviews javascript and css files now ship combined and minimized to limit the number of http requests on the page. This doesn't include 3rd party asset files like jQuery and jQuery plugins. We've added separate settings for javascript and css so you can toggle the way the assets are loaded.


JReviews 2.5 is the new JReviews version for both Joomla and Wordpress and it replaces JReviews 2.4. For now we'll continue working on maintenance releases for JReviews 2.4.


Without further ado we present the JReviews for WordPress demo!


Make sure you also take a look at our new JReviews Intro and Quick Setup Guides for Joomla and for WordPress


JReviews Intro and Quick Setup Guides for Joomla


JReviews Intro and Quick Setup Guides for WordPress


And watch the


You can discuss this announcement here http://www.reviewsforjoomla.com/forum/index.php?topic=26679.0

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