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JReviews is out. It is compatible with Joomla 3.3!


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We released JReviews a couple of days ago via remote updates and today we released a new build which doesn't have any code changes, but does add and update a couple of indexes in the database to further improve the performance of the reviewer ranks update queries. The new build is available for downloads from the client area and also via remote updates.


Other than the performance improvement, this update is solely a bug fix release. Below the changelogs from both builds:



[tt] - May 7, 2014


!Changed: Additional DB index changes to further improve the performance of the reviewer rank queries. - May 6, 2014


!Changed: Updated reviewer rank queries to make them more efficient.

!Changed: Due to multiple issues with the Joomla language filter plugin which erroneously redirects media upload ajax requests we reverted the recent change to the Ajax URI by removing again the index.php from it. This may cause problems for sites that put an index.html file in the root for testing purposes.

#Fixed: The format setting for date custom fields is ignored when using the field in the Listing Type SEO Manager.

#Fixed: Php notices in related listings output when a listing used as a related listing is no longer available.

#Fixed: When language filter is enabled, there's a missing slash in the Ajax URI after the language segment.

#Fixed: When editing a related listing custom field it is converted to an email custom field because the related listing field type is not available.

#Fixed: View all reviews page for listing doesn't display the reviews.

#Fixed: Click2search links in breadcrumbs incorrectly include the 'jr_' part of the of the field name.

#Fixed: [sEF Plugin-Joomla 3.3] Routing issue when subcategories don't have menus.

#Fixed: [EasySocial] Limit the number of photos in activities to 5 just like ES does for its own activities.[/tt]


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