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Updates released for JReviews, GeoMaps and PaidListings


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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of updates for JReviews, GeoMaps and PaidListings.


These are mostly bug fix releases with a few exceptions.




1) Fields Module: We've added a few additional settings to the Fields Module so it can behave exactly like it did before the introduction of the drill down feature. The drill down feature is now optional and needs to be enabled in the module settings.


When there are two field modules on the same page, both with the drill down feature enabled, it is necessary to specify the fields that will trigger the drill down feature in click2search URLs. For example, if there's a country, state, city relation. The click2search URL trigger fields will be jr_state and jr_city. So that whenever the module sees those fields in the URL it will dynamically display the related options. Again, this is only necessary if there are two or more field modules displayed at the same time with drill down enabled.


Finally we've also Control Field and Control Value settings to the module which allow you to display only a subset of options from a field. For example if you want to display in a specific page just the cities in California, instead of all cities in all states, you would use 'jr_state' and 'california' respectively.


2) AlphaUserPoints. Until now it's been difficult to setup the points rules in AUP. They recently added a rule scan feature similar to the ones already present in other extensions and we've included the rules file in this release. Now you just need to use the scan feature in the latest AUP version to find and create the rules.


3) We've fixed all compatibility issues with EasySocial 1.2.




1) Fixed an issue with the listing count in the batch geocoder page.




1) New EasySocial points payment handler. For existing installs just click the 'new' button to setup the payment handler.


2) Refreshed the plans page layout to merge one time and subscription base plans and make the page more responsive. Also added a new menu setting to allow hiding the description for upgrade plans.


There's a few other fixes and you can read the complete list in the changelog








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