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JReviews is out!


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We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of JReviews It's available via remote updates only at this time and we'll upload it to the client area very soon.


This is a very exciting release because in addition to the bug fixes and minor improvements, there are two very important updates to existing features which make them a lot more powerful.


1) The first feature relates to the use of virtual categories. Until now it's been pretty difficult to create a proper navigation for end users using virtual categories created from custom fields. That changes today. The fields module can now dynamically update itself to display dependent values when an option is clicked. So for example if you click on state 'California'. The options change automatically to display the cities in 'California' so you can further drill down on the results. It doesn't stop there. The module overrides the site breadcrumbs so users can see the path and go back if necessary. It makes virtual categories behave almost identically as real categories.


You can read more about this feature here http://docs.reviewsforjoomla.com/?title=How_to_use_custom_fields_as_virtual_categories#Displaying_related_virtual_categories


You can watch a short video demonstration here http://screencast.com/t/Paus8bT7TMl


And you can see in live on the just-updated demo site here:




Remember to publish the module to the new 'jr-listpage-below-pagetitle' position on your category menus and use category auto-detect if you want the field URLs to follow the structure of your category URLs.


2) The 2nd important change is the ability to add more than one listing when using the 'Related Listings' custom field. Since the introduction of this field many wanted to have this possibility to create relations that are not possible today. Like associating a product with many stores. An event with many venues and so on. The possibilities are endless now and the related listing widgets have also been updated to take the multiple relation capability into account. We've also implemented the same autocomplete UI settings for the related listing custom field so you can choose the display type (link or checkbox) and whether to display the selected listings above or below the text input.


For a complete list of changes and fixes please refer to the changelog





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