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We recently updated the JReviews wiki documentation with new setup guides, troubleshooting articles and many tips & tricks: http://docs.reviewsforjoomla.com/?title=Main_Page


Besides the wiki, we prepared new downloadable manuals for JReviews and all add-ons. The manuals are available in pdf and epub formats, so you can read them in your favorite ebook readers.


We recommend using the wiki search when looking for a quick solution for something. Use the manuals when setting up things because it is easier to follow instructions step-by-step.


The manuals can be downloaded here:


JReviews Manual - pdf, epub


Everywhere Add-on Manual - pdf, epub


GeoMaps Add-on Manual - pdf, epub


PaidListings Add-on Manual - pdf, epub


WidgetFactory Add-on Manual - pdf, epub


FBAppFactory Add-on Manual - pdf, epub




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