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PaidListings 2.5 BETA has been released!


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We are very pleased to inform you that the new version of PaidListings 2.5 is now available via the remote installer in JReviews. This is a BETA version not suitable for production sites. To be able to install this version you need to be using at least JReviews and check the "Use Betas" box in the remote updater screen.


What's new in this version:


1) Action on Base plan expiration. Before when a base plan expired the listing also expired. Now it is possible to select an action for expiration, unpublish or create a new order using a free/trial plan.


2) Upgrade to Base plan relations. Before if an upgrade was available to all base plans in the same category. Now you can associate and limit upgrade plans to specific base plans even within the same category.


3) EU tax compliance. to comply with EU tax regulations, the add-on configuration now allows you to enable EU taxes and add the specific tax rates for your country and all EU the countries where you do business.


4) Free to paid base plan transition. Before if a user selected a free/trial plan it was not possible for him to switch to a paid plan until the free/trial plan expired. Now users can transition to a different base paid plan at any time during the free/trial period.


5) Order creation from the administration. We added a new order create page in the administration that will let you create an order or upgrade any listing.


Clear the browser cache after installing or upgrading to this version


I almost forgot, the new documentation for the add-on can be found in both pdf and ebook formats in the following links:






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