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JReviews released. Now compatible with Joomla 3.2.


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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of JReviews The upgrade is available via remote update if you have installed a previous version of 2.4 and it is also available for download in the client area. You need a valid upgrades package to download and use the latest versions.


What's new in this version?


* Compatibility with Joomla 3.2. Thanks to a few adventurous clients ;) that upgraded quickly to Joomla 3.2 we got early reports of compatibility issues which have been addressed in this released. These included a broken submit listing form. The wysiwyg editor stopped working and the JReviews menu type was nowhere to be found.


* SEF Plugin. With this release we've now fixed every reported issue related to the SEF plugin. We spent a lot of time putting together this plugin and it is now being used on many sites making it a huge success, not only in terms bringing nicer URLs, but also because it can cut the effort of setting up your site menus in half.


* EasySocial integration fixes. Our initial EasySocial integration had a few bugs and we've worked hard to fix all of them with this release.


* Better support for SSL. We are starting to see more clients use SSL on their sites so we decided to dedicate some time to improving SSL usability in JReviews. Scenarios can vary where site owners want SSL only for logged in users so we've added some settings for this as well.


  • New setting in the Community tab to disable SSL for social links. Avoids duplicate URLs when SSL is enabled only for logged in users.
  • New setting in the General tab to disable Secure URLs when site accessed via SSL for guests or for everyone.
  • Amazon S3 and CloudFront URLs are now rendered with SSL when the site is accessed via a secure connection. We've also added new settings to let you specify the CDN URLs for both secure and non-secure connections. These new settings enable users to use any CDN domain they want so it is no longer limited to Amazon CloudFront.


* 'Stop users from reviewing their own listings' setting added to Listing Type overrides.. One useful use case is when using the Everywhere Add-on and you just want to stop users from reviewing their own profile.


Follow the link below to view the complete changelog



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