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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability via remote updates first, and later today via download, of new releases for JReviews, GeoMaps, PaidListings and the WidgetFactory. The most significant changes are in JReviews which is no longer compatible with Joomla 1.5. You will need a valid support & upgrades package to be able to upgrade to the latest versions.


Before upgrading your sites, please make sure you have a backup and if you've made customizations that you also disable the Overrides in the JReviews Configuration, Troubleshooting tab. It is also recommended that you bring your overrides up to date. In this JReviews release we upgraded all javascript libraries to the latest versions, including jQuery and jQuery UI. We also replaced the lightbox and scroller javascript plugins with different plugins that are more responsive and better suited for use in desktop and touch devices. This meant a lot of work to re-write the javascript in JReviews that uses these plugins


These updates fix all reported bugs to date. While it also brings some changes in functionality as well as new features. We couldn't fit all the changes we wanted to make in this release, but we also didn't want to keep delaying it. The highlights for JReviews are:


  • [optional] JReviews SEF system plugin that will greatly simplify the setup of new sites while improving the URL structure of category and detail pages. You can also now use sitemap components without issues of duplicate category URLs. Click here for more info
  • JReviews Activity Stream plugin for JomSocial 3.0 and full compatibility with this version. The plugin renders JReviews activities inside the JomSocial stream with a very nice layout.
  • 'Fade' mode for modules and detail page widgets in addition to vertical and horizontal scrolling. This is an added benefit of the new jQuery plugin we are using.
  • Notifications for review comments for submitter,  reviewer and listing owner
  • Setting to limit the number of characters displayed for summary, description and review comments with a 'show more' link to expand the whole text. These can be found in the Listings and Reviews tabs in the configuration
  • Publication and expiration date inputs in Listing Forms. These settings are only available in overrides for each listing type.
  • Simple search default query type setting to toggle between 'any' and 'all'. With 'all' being the default value.
  • Page total setting for latest reviews menus so not all reviews need to appear on the list.


In addition to the above, there are lots of CSS improvements for theme files as well as improvements structured data markup in detail pages. Read the complete changelog.


GeoMaps, PaidListings and the WidgetFactory Add-ons all have some important improvements and fixes so it is recommended to update all of them. Below the complete changelog for those:




[tt] - September 18, 2013


+New: New module position below map in list pages 'jr-listpage-below-map'.

+New: Algorithm to guess the correct streetview angle so streetview displays the correct location. It is approximate and not guaranteed to always work.

+New: support for geomaps module inside WidgetKit tabs module.

#Fixed: proximity search breaks when autocomplete feature is disabled.

#Fixed: In cases where the google maps API takes a long time to load, it can break the loading of maps and places autocomplete.

#Fixed: List page map disappearing when scrolling the page (conflict with some templates).

#Fixed: Load Google Maps API even if the google js API has already been loaded by another extension.





[tt] - September 18, 2013


!Changed: Paypal handler to prevent issue with IPN where IPN cannot be verified because of extra spaces in response.

#Fixed: When plan price has decimals, the coupons are applied over the non-decimal portion only.

#Fixed: Styles missing on the PaidListings plans page.

#Fixed: Final expiration emails not sent.

#Fixed: Prevent duplicate IPNs from extending subscription period.

#Fixed: When editing a payment handler, after saving the changes the modified settings are not immediately reflected in the payment handler manager page.

#Fixed: When editing a coupon, after saving the changes the modified settings are not immediately reflected in the coupon manager page.

#Fixed: PHP error related to tracking code. Calling method as static.





[tt] - September 18, 2013


!Changed: Widgets module is automatically hidden in non-detail pages.

#Fixed: Fixed error with listings/many widgets not displaying when default ordering is not set specifically.

#Fixed: Yes/No settings are not translatable.


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