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SEO Manager and RSS Feeds in the latest release of jReviews 1.2.06


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I think this is a great release of jReviews. Not only all reported bugs to date have been fixed, but a couple of new functionalities have been added.


SEO Manager


This functionality was requested and paid by a user and enables the addition of page titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions for click2search fields and fields module links. Thanks to this addition you can increase the search engine relevance of these search result pages.


You will find the SEO Manager menu on the left hand side in the jReviews Administration.


Latest Reviews RSS  Feeds


This was a long overdue feature that allows you to spread your site content to other sites and allow listing owners to keep track of reviews posted on their listings. There are three types of feeds available:


1) Content specific reviews feed: shows the reviews for a particular content item.


2) Category specific reviews feed: shows the reviews for all items in a particular category.


3) Site wide reviews feeds: shows the latest reviews site wide.


The feed icons appear in the directory layout page, the category lists and content pages.


The latest reviews feeds also work with jReviewsEverywhere components!

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