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How to not get ripped off by Freelancers

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#1 Pedro Miranda

Pedro Miranda

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Posted 31 July 2012 - 08:51 AM

Ok guys,
here is a conversation with a freelancer that took part today.
I wanted to share with you the conversation.
Most importantly this is for the potential clients who are thinking about using so called "jreviews" experts.

I already have a head developer who was refered to me by this site, who is amazing, well priced and busy.
So, to do smaller things I often try find other developers... in the process I hear from people who promise the world but deliver nothing...
Then I meet those who are "joomla" experts, who I end up teaching..

Im no full time coder, nor do i want to be... I do however understand php, process of changing things, css etc...
Why not do it myself? I hire people because I don't have time to sit and do this stuff

So, whats my point?
Read this and you might just save some money and heartache.
Ask heaps of questions, never give full access to randoms...
And always, always get a second quote before proceeding with any work..

[14:11:01] *** Joomla,WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zend, Delphi added Neeraj khatri ***
[14:11:08] Joomla,WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zend, Delphi: Hi Pedro
[14:11:17] Joomla,WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zend, Delphi: I have Neeraj with me
[14:11:28] Pedro Miranda: hi there
[14:11:36] Neeraj khatri: hi
[14:11:42] Joomla,WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zend, Delphi: He is expert in Jreviews and will proceed further
[14:11:49] Pedro Miranda: cool
[14:12:06] Neeraj khatri: how are you pedro
[14:12:15] Pedro Miranda: great thanks
[14:12:18] Pedro Miranda: :)
[14:12:37] Neeraj khatri: please tell me what you need & requirements
[14:12:44] Pedro Miranda: i sent through a file earlier
[14:12:49] Pedro Miranda: did you see it?
[14:12:55] Neeraj khatri: yes i had seen it
[14:13:06] Pedro Miranda: im wanting a quote for that please
[14:13:24] Pedro Miranda: I have a lot of customization that needs doing, what are your rates per hour?
[14:13:47] Neeraj khatri: $15/hour
[14:14:02] Pedro Miranda: great
[14:14:23] Neeraj khatri: i am able to see you need some changes in the css
[14:14:27] Neeraj khatri: ?
[14:14:44] Pedro Miranda: i understand php coding but I dont have time to sit and code bits and peces
[14:14:50] Pedro Miranda: yes
[14:15:17] Neeraj khatri: ok
[14:15:51] Neeraj khatri: you can send the details, then we could start
[14:16:11] Pedro Miranda: could you quote me on time taken first please?
[14:16:35] Pedro Miranda: I dont do anything withut quotes
[14:16:40] Neeraj khatri: for this background issue?
[14:17:28] Pedro Miranda: my first developer took too long and wasted my time and money, charging me for too many hours... unfortuantely he didnt realise that i knew coding... so i had to kill him
[14:17:49] Pedro Miranda: well, not kill him, but tell him no more
[14:18:09] Pedro Miranda: i have the artwrok for the bg
[14:18:13] Neeraj khatri: :)
[14:18:32] Neeraj khatri: ok you can see the samples then we can proceed with the deal
[14:18:43] Neeraj khatri: www.shift.org
[14:19:02] Neeraj khatri: www.opensourceuniverse.com
[14:19:18] Neeraj khatri: www.bollywoodmood.com(On going)
[14:19:40] Neeraj khatri: ok
[14:19:52] Neeraj khatri: these are some on going projects
[14:20:51] Pedro Miranda: ah ok, you use gantry
[14:21:00] Pedro Miranda: thats cool
[14:21:04] Neeraj khatri: yes
[14:21:18] Pedro Miranda: I use Yoothemes
[14:21:23] Pedro Miranda: with widgetkits
[14:21:24] Neeraj khatri: no matter
[14:21:38] Pedro Miranda: yer, are you familar with widgetkits?
[14:21:42] Neeraj khatri: yes
[14:21:45] Pedro Miranda: kool#
[14:22:16] Neeraj khatri: it needs php 5.3, have nice support for gallery
[14:22:51] Pedro Miranda: so how much will you charge me to fix the bg?
[14:23:32] Neeraj khatri: i think if you just need to change the css, then it wont take more than 2 hours
[14:23:48] Pedro Miranda: 2 hours for css change?
[14:23:53] Pedro Miranda: lol
[14:23:56] Pedro Miranda: serioulsy
[14:24:10] Neeraj khatri: are they more or less ?? :)
[14:24:32] Pedro Miranda: you know css changes are less to change that that my friend
[14:24:58] Pedro Miranda: if you want to work with me tahts fine, but if you want to make quick cash then Im not interested
[14:25:10] Pedro Miranda: I like honesty
[14:25:20] Pedro Miranda: it will last you forever,
[14:25:21] Neeraj khatri: then i like u
[14:26:45] Pedro Miranda: If your a jreviews expert, that change would take you less than 10 minutes.. I know, but i dont mind paying you for an hour.... but 2 hours? thats just dishonest
[14:27:34] Pedro Miranda: you are going to have to wake up earlier than me my friend to be smarter than me
[14:29:27] Neeraj khatri: i can do that in 1 min, but to fully do the satisfaction, i just quoted you 2 hours, i dont know the indepth of the project , generally what happen is the matter was something else
[14:31:15] Pedro Miranda: you should just be honest, i have at least 100 hours worth of work.
[14:31:48] Pedro Miranda: like i said, I dont mind paying you an hour for a 1 minute or 10 minute job..
[14:32:24] Neeraj khatri: dont go to my honest , i will do all of the changes for free
[14:32:50] Pedro Miranda: if your honest, i will have heaps of work for you..
[14:33:14] Neeraj khatri: but i dont think now it will work
[14:34:10] Pedro Miranda: im a little upset, yes.. Your comapny has a good reputation..... in a few words on a review it could mean the end of your company overnight..
[14:34:34] Pedro Miranda: I dont want to beat you up about it, but think future , not just the quick buck
[14:34:53] Pedro Miranda: goodbye

Im hoping Alexandro wont delete this because clients (like me) need to point out rip offs.

#2 Alejandro


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Posted 31 July 2012 - 09:03 AM

Let us know how long it ends up taking to do the change you wanted.

#3 Pedro Miranda

Pedro Miranda

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 09:23 AM

It took a couple of minutes for my current developer to do it...

#4 bryan choo

bryan choo

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 06:37 AM

I have had this exact same experience.

I put up a job on elance. When 20 people replied i gave them a very simple CSS test.

About 10 didnt even read it and spammed their advertising template.

Another 6 said it will take a week to do. Some others claimed at least 2 hours and they needed admin access.

Out of the 4 I considered, 2 said i needed to dl XXX mod to fix it.

For the final two, they gave  me varying times. One said an hour the other 20 mins.

I believe the actual work would take no more than 10 mins to diagnose.
Still i went on to hire the person who quoted 20 mins.

Its very important to quality control extremely hard. And this was just for small fixes.

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