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Back from holiday


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I just got back from holiday today and wanted to share a quick note with everyone. I have a lot of unanswered forum posts and tickets and I'll begin working on them this week and hopefully be able to close most of them. I greatly appreciate your patience while I do this.


During the holidays, the Joomla team announced that it would remove all non-GPL licensed extensions from their extensions directory. Unfortunately, this means I have to step-up the marketing efforts of jReviews and come up with new ideas to generate traffic and sales for the site in preparation for this. These actions will take time away from development, so any new features I had planned will need to be delayed several weeks. I will focus on fixing any incoming bugs first.


I'll try to post a semi-short-term-roadmap at some point. Not that it will be written in stone, but at least you'll have an idea of what I've planned.


As always, I am very grateful for the support you provide by purchasing jReviews, over and over again and that's what keeps me going to keep providing the best support I can offer, as well as to keep adding to the capabilities of jReviews.


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