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Rik Brown

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I see lists all over the Internet that bring users to one's website such as:

  • Top 30 Restaurants in New York City
  • Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in New York City
  • Top 15 Museums in New York City
  • Top 20 Hotels in New York City
  • Top 20 Parks near Wherever, USA (based on GPS coordinates)
  • Top 10 Golf Courses in California
  • and so on using most any category....

These can be done manually via a blog, etc. but become static and hard to update.

It would be nice to have a way to generate these group lists automatically en masse so one could easily output thousands of such lists which would be kept current via cron. It would need parameters such as:

  • category and/or subcategory (cuisine, etc.) for the group list
  • minimum rating (say 4 out of 5) required to generate a group list
  • minimum listings (say 5 or more) to generate a group list
  • maximum number of listings in the group list (say 20)
  • SEO to build the listing group name

Each group list would be sorted by ratings.

No need to reply. Just a wishlist item.

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