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Static Map as an additional Media type

Rik Brown

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We are using Mapbox and to avoid unnecessary costs we are trying to utilize static maps over dynamically requested maps as much as possible.

Those static maps are often being used in lieu of a "photo" in the cover position for many cities, towns, and villages plus other listing types.

If I ever get a cover photo, I would like to be able to move the map image down to the map area of the detail page.

So it would be nice if static maps could be treated like an additional media type and have their data stored in the jreviews_media table. 

Then, when editing Media, the position choices perhaps could be: Map, Gallery, Logo, Cover.

Also, the Importer Add-On should have the Map option.

PS: If a map is in the cover position, it would be good if the "Show Map" button and map are not displayed at all (duplicate function) lower down on the detail page.

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