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JReviews released

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Hope everyone is staying safe these days! 

There are new updates for JReviews and several Add-ons.

Many bug fixes and improvements in these releases. As usual you can find the complete list of changes in the changelogs.


  • CSS variables are now available for the color palette, making it somewhat easier to adjust the colors used in JReviews. This is new, and may not cover all colors across the board, but it's a good starting point. You'll see these defined in the CSS like this:
:root {
  --fwd-color-white-fixed: #FFFFFF;
  --fwd-color-white: #FFFFFF;
  --fwd-color-black: #333333;
  --fwd-color-gray-50: #F9FAFB;
  --fwd-color-gray-100: #F4F5F6;
  --fwd-color-gray-200: #E1E1E1;
  --fwd-color-gray-300: #CFCFCF;
  --fwd-color-gray-400: #B1B1B1;
  // And so on
  • Redesigned the embedded login form that appears for guests when creating reviews, listings, comments.

Everywhere Add-on

  • WordPress users rejoice! The Add-on now includes integrations with WooCommerce, TheEventsCalendar with support for event, organizer and venue reviews
  • Ability to assign a default listing type per integration, without having to setup individual categories within each plugin integration.

PaidListings Add-on

  • Re-designed the paid plans page
  • Improved paid plans page presentation in dark theme


Take care,


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