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Now you can use JReviews for PeepSo and BuddyPress profiles


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Hi there,

I just released a round of updates for JReviews and several of the Add-ons. You can find the full list of changes in the changelogs.

Everywhere Add-on ported to WordPress!

The Everywhere Add-on has finally landed on WordPress, and right out of the box it includes integrations for PeepSo and BuddyPress profiles. If you need an integration with another plugin submit a support ticket so I can evaluate the request and provide a quote to develop the integration. If it's feasible and developed, then it will also be included in the Add-on core.



There are over 20 bug fixes in this release, in addition to a complete re-write of the local encoding functionality using FFMPEG and refactoring of encoding with other services to streamline the code.

BuddyPress Add-on (WordPress)

The community integration with BuddyPress to show user avatars, link to profiles and add activities to the stream was unbundled and packaged into a separate Add-on which is now provided for free through the JReviews App Store.

The activity stream has also been completely re-written and now has a layout similar to EngageUsers and PeepSo activities, including video playback right from the stream.

PeepSo Add-on (WordPress)

The activity stream has been revamped to allow video playback right from the stream.

EngageUsers Add-on

The activity stream has been revamped to allow video playback right from the stream.




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