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Agregar "alt" y "title"


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Como agregar alt y title tags para las imagenes presentes en - listings_masonry.thtml

					<?php if( $this->config->media_list_thumbnail && $mainMediaThumbUrl = $Media->thumb(Sanitize::getVar($listing,'MainMedia'),['listing'=> &$listing,'size'=>$tn_size,'mode'=>$tn_mode,'return_url'=>true])):

						$thumb = sprintf('<img src="%s"  alt="" title=""/>',$mainMediaThumbUrl);

						<div class="jrListingThumbnail jr-more-info">

							<?php echo $Routes->content($thumb,$listing);?>


					<?php endif;?>

Quiero poner el titulo de la lista. - <?php echo $listing['Listing']['title'];?>


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