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iReview for Joomla and WordPress update released

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A new update for iReview has been released and it is available for download in the client area for clients with active subscriptions for iReview. Below you can read about some of the most important changes in this update.

Google Tags Manager (GTM) integration

If you are not familiar with GTM, it is a Google service that allows you to easily load scripts on your site without having to make changes to your template. You can use the Google Tags Manager dashboard to configure which scripts you want to load. It's easy to load scripts for Google Analytics, Google Ads Manager, Hotjar, and more. GTM is extremely powerful once you learn how to use it. Among many other things, you can load custom javascript through it and add conditionals to load scripts only on certain pages.

FontAwesome 5 integration

FontAwesome 5.7.2 is now available in iReview and FontAwesome 4 was updated to the last version of that branch to 4.7.0. A new setting was included so you can choose which version you want to load. Keep in mind that if you are already using FontAwesome 4, you have to update your existing CSS to make it compatible with FontAwesome 5. Please refer to the FontAwesome documentation for usage instructions.

New social sharing icon settings for Reddit and Github

Now you can also display icons for Reddit and Github, taking site visitors to your profile pages on those sites.

There's a few other small changes and fixes in this release, so make sure you review the changelogs.



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