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Error messages when importing and exporting


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It would be helpful if the error messages displayed some additional information.

Importing it's quite helpful having the number of rows as when it is to do with the data you can find it.

Processed rows: 350

I get the error message quite often, sometimes it looks like it's caused when an external URL for media is not found, checking and removing the offending URL, removing previous rows and starting again allows it to continue until the next time an error occurs. Often just removing the previous rows and importing again enables it to continue again until the next error.

Also the speed of import varies considerably so there could be hosting related issues.


Processed rows: 800 (this seems to always be an even amount)

An error prevented the export process from completing.


I tried with Joomla debug on but that was no help and the Jreviews debug seems to be only for the front end, please let me know how I can find what these errors are.



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