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Limit the posts per user for a specific listing type

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Hi all,

I would like to get a quote for a Jreviews on Wordpress customization. Should be pretty straightforward. We would like to be able to limit the posts per user for a specific listing type. 

We have the listing type "jobs" and each user should be limited to only submit 2 listings. Other listing types should not be altered. Only if the user belongs to a new wordpress user group "sponsor" he should be able to submit an unlimited amount of listings for this listing type. All users will be able to delete their own job listings so as to lower the count of listings they have.

So we need:

  • A custom user group in Wordpress through functions.php code (no plugin)
  • When the user wants to submit a new job listing check the user's user group. If it is "sponsor" show the submit form. If it is not "sponsor" check the database for current user and number of listings for this listing type. If it is 2 or more than print message that they have reached their submission limit. If it is less show the form.
  • It is very important that you comment and explain the whole code with notes.

What we DON'T need:

  • User management, plans and payment management for sponsors. All of this will be done offline and manually.
  • GUI changes in jreviews. If the variable for the number of listings should be changed at a later moment this can be done in the code directly.
  • We also don't need automatic listings management for when the user is not a sponsor anymore. He will simply not be able to submit new listings but the previously submitted listings will be left intact until they will be removed by us manually. 

So this should be pretty simple all in all. Please send your quote to johannes.dach[_at_]tonka-pr.com



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