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How to add favorite button to list page items using filters


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Create templates/jreviews_overrides/filters/filter_functions.php

and in it put the following code

defined('MVC_FRAMEWORK') or die;

/* Add Favorite button to list page */
function add_favorite_button_list_page($buttons, $params)
   $listing = $params['listing'];

   $listingHelper = ClassRegistry::getClass('ListingHelperHelper');



   $favoriteButton = ob_get_clean();

   $buttons['favorite'] = $favoriteButton;

   return $buttons;

Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('listing_list_action_buttons', 'add_favorite_button_list_page', 10);

Hope someone finds this useful.

More filters can be found at https://docs.jreviews.com/?title=JReviews:Developers_Filters

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