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MapsPro - Listing Detail Page

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It works, on your site, with the default theme without customizations. Try updating your them files to the latest versions. I am not sure which one could be causing the issue, but you should definitely update detail theme file and any if you had any geomaps files in overrides before you should remove them.

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thank you, i solved the problem now.

an other question to maps:

ist the "get directions" feature on listing detail page off?

when i go to the demo-page (https://demo.jreviews.com/events/venues/stadiums/pizza-hut-park) there is no "get directions", also on my listing detail pages. with firebug i see

<div class="jr-directions-address jrDirectionsAddress jrHidden">

. So this feature is hidden. when i remove the jrhidden, i see the "get directions", but it doesnt work.

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Was it a simple fix on your overrides?

Thanks for letting me know about the get directions issue. It was a small oversight on my part and I fixed it now. You can see it working on your site. In MapsPro the directions widget links directly to Google because I could't find any way to develop something that works for all providers that can show the directions on the same page, but not inside the map.

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