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Geocode sometimes doesnt work

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in the last time i have sometimes troubles with map it (generate latitude and longitude) of adresses.

i have following settings in geomap:

Address 1 field: jr_exakteadresse
City field: jr_ort
State field: jr_bundesland
Postal Code Field: jr_plz
Country field: jr_land
latitude field: jr_latitude
longitude field: jr_longitude
Map it field: jr_exakteadresse

for example, in one listing i had entered following in the fields:

jr_land: Schweiz
jr_bundesland: Schwyz
jr_ort: Gersau
jr_plz: 6442
jr_exakteadresse: Talstrasse 32

When you search for "Talstrasse 32, 6442 Gersau" in Google you see the map with the adsress.

in the past, it works the generate the latitude and longitude when i click on the map it button. but now i get the error that the adress was not found.

i thought the reason is, that i dont use my Google API after google want money for that. but when i enter some other adresses, than i can generate the latitude and longitude. So i think, this is not the reason and i dont really know, what i do wrong 😕

than, i tried to generate a new listing with that adress above, and it works. than i go back to the existing listing und tried to generate the latitude and longitude, and it also works... i also do this steps with other adresses, where i cant generate the latitude and longitude. but i doent unterstand the reason of this process...

best regards, tom

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Not sure what could be wrong here. When the map it button is used JReviews contcatenates the values of all the address fields into a single string and sends them to the Google geocoder service. They are concatenated in this order: address city state postal country

So your address ends up looking like this: Talstrasse 32 Gersau Schwyz 6442 Schweiz

I tested the geocoder directly on your website right now with the same code that is used by the Add-on and it works. I did the test in the browser console and you can see the result below:


So as you can see that's all ok. I pass the address I mentioned to the geocoder, the result status is OK and you can see the response.

If you can replicate the issue continuously on your site feel free to submit a ticket and let me know how to see it and then I can check what is the reason why it doesn't work.

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hello Alejandro,

when i create a new listing page, than it works.

but when i edit an existing listing page, which already has coordinates, than it doesnt work. i delete the coordinates and click on "map it", and than i get the error, that there was no adress found. can you test this on your demo site?

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