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P Gales

Can I use JReviews to rate deals from CMLD?

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I'm using a deals component called CMLive Deals (CMLD) and I'd like to allow users to rate each deal.  Can I use JReviews to achieve this?  Perhaps with the Everywhere Add-on?  

If not already possible, could I somehow customise Jreviews to achieve this so that these ratings also show up in a customers "My reviews"?

Thanks for your help.

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You could use the Everywhere Add-on for this, but an integration with this component doesn't exist and one would need to be custom developed. The manual has instructions for creating new integrations. The complex part is writing the integration model which is what allows JReviews to display reviews from 3rd party extensions in review lists, modules and basically integrate those reviews as if they were part of the core, something that cannot be done any other way.

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Thanks man.  Thought I had selected to get this via email as well but it seems not.  Good to see you're still quick on the draw and that JReviews is flourishing.

Can you say how much it would cost to do an integration and could you suggest some interim way to allow users to rate these deals even if it doesn't show up in their reviews list?


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There is no interim way to do the integration, it's all or nothing. You can use the approach I mentioned in your other post to use JReviews for deals instead of the other component, but of course JReviews is not specialized for deals specifically so I am not sure if you will be missing out on a lot of features if you do that. I wouldn't be able to tell you how much the integration would cost. If you want submit a ticket and when I get back from vacation sometime next week I can take a look to see if it's something i can do. I would need a copy of the component to install locally to evaluate the database structure to figure out if it's possible to do this integration.

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