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Merge 2 sites which use jReviews, by using importer

Sebastian Schalipp

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Sebastian Schalipp

Hi there,


I have been given the task to merge two (so far independent) websites which both use jReviews and a very similar, almost identical, setup of fields and rating criteria.


My plan so far is to create an export file from the MySQL database of the smaller site, format that export file until I have the proper csv format required for using the JReviews CSV importer, harmonize the few fields which are still different, and then import the listings into the larger site, which will then be the base for the new project.


My only real concern right now is though I will be able to merge all listings this way, I have no way to import the associated reviews. So in the merging process I will lose all the user reviews from the smaller site (approximately 100 reviews).


I might try to write a custom php script to insert these reviews directly into the database (by creating the user, if not already present, then adding the review), but not sure if I will succeed with this.


Is there any other way to move listings including their reviews from one site to another?

Or any other trick you can think of, which could make my task easier?


Any idea or input is greatly appreciated!




Thanks, Sebastian


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