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Is the resource information to be displayed controllable?

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Hey there,


is it possible to control which information will be displayed with listing resources like catching a price? I would like to show a current price only that contains a ref link. Not sure if it is working this way to make a price comparison inside a listing of several sellers.

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On the demo product listings and movie listings have resources that you can check and if you log in you can add new ones. This is what the form looks like for new resources




And from the Add-on configuration  you can see that these can be hidden, set to optional or required



If you just want a price with a link you could either use the description with HTML only or combine the link input with the description and modify the theme file so it creates the link combining the URL with the text. By default, it's the resource title that gets hyperlinked.

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Appreciate your answer Alejandro but I am afraid I could not follow you. I try to explain what I want to achieve and maybe you can tell me if the addon is the right thing for me. :D


I have videogames as listings and I want to link to keyseller i.e. g2a.com. Therefor it would be great to have referral links on a listing to the shops that sell the game the listing is about. Therefor the ref links should show the current price. Something like a small price comparison inside a listing. 


But I think the listing resources picks the content once and saves it instead of renewing the content when the site is loaded? Therefor a current price would probably not be possible?

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