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New Listing Resources Add-on update


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A couple of days ago we made a new version of the ListingResources Add-on available for upgrade via the remote installer.


The new version includes new improvements and a couple of bug fixes, here is the changelog:


^Enhanced: Resource link can be made optional in case you want to allow resource submissions as listing "notes" without links.

+New: Setting to allow html in resource description

+New: Setting to limit resource submissions to listing owners

+New: Ability to set a resource expiration date

#Fixed: Database error in Listing Resources module when there are no resources to display.

#Fixed: Missing language strings.

#Fixed: Theme Suffix Manager not being recognized for the listing detail page resource theme file.


We also created new manuals for the add-on:


ListingResources add-on Manual for Joomla 3.x: pdf | epub

ListingResources add-on Manual for WordPress: pdf | epub

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