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New Custom Params setting revolutionizes the way Custom Lists are created


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We've just released JReviews to address some issues in the initial release of JReviews 2.6. As usual we couldn't stop there and decided to implement a very simple, but very powerful, new setting. The new 'Custom Params' setting allows you to paste the URL parameters of a search result URL in your menu or Listings Module settings so  you can instantly replicate the contents of that search result in a menu with a more SEO friendly URL.


There are also some neat tricks you can use to display event related information using relative periods (next 7 days, this week, this month, etc.) and to filter the results by average rating of one or more specific rating criteria.


For more details read the documentation article http://docs.reviewsforjoomla.com/?title=Using_Custom_Params%2C_Custom_Where_and_Custom_Order_settings


This update also has some performance improvements for review queries and something I know many of you will appreciate! It is no longer necessary to clear the JReviews cache when creating or editing menus in Joomla. Changes in menus will reflect on the site right away :)

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