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JReviews 2.6 has been released and it's a BIG one!


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If you have an active support & upgrades package this is a free upgrade. Before you upgrade, make sure you read the Upgrading to JReviews 2.6 instructions.


These are some of the new features:


  • Add, delete and re-order rating criteria in Listing Types, anytime.
  • Order listings by individual rating criteria in list pages.
  • Order reviews by individual rating criteria in the listing view-all-reviews page.
  • Review rating histogram in the review summary in detail pages.
  • Search listings by average rating.
  • Review search in listing detail and listing view-all-reviews pages.
  • Improved listing ordering-by-rating by calculating a Bayesian average that takes into account not only the average rating, but also the number of reviews.
  • Admin settings to toggle ordering options for listings and reviews.


We've also made several visual improvements to the themes for a more modern feel:


  • Modified avatar photos so they display as circles and included avatar photos in more places.
  • Removed gradients from div panels and made improvements to blogview and tableview layouts.
  • Replaced all remaining tables with the new jrTableGrid layout better suited for mobile devices.


... and we left a very nice surprise for last


The Advanced Search Module now has a fully configurable live search functionality so the initial results are seen as the user selects options or types into text inputs. We know ... wow!




We look forward to seeing you implement all of these great features on your site so you can offer your site visitors an even better experience.


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